Salus Hydrate Athletic Training Nutrient Support

Whether you are an athlete or just enjoy working out at the gym, the Salus Hydrate Training package will support your body while you get you into top shape. Before, during, and after workouts or competitions, Salus Hydrate supports your body’s need for nutrient rich therapies to enhance your performance. Be the best you can be while keeping your body hydrated. Run into a Salus Hydrate near you today.

How Salus Hydrate Helps Your Body Perform Athletically

Whether you’re training for an event, losing weight for a wedding, or trying to break a record, the Salus Hydrate Compete IV Nutrient Therapy Program can help you achieve your goals! This is a specially designed series of infusions that will supercharge your training program to convert fat into muscle. It will also replete vital nutrients after your most vigorous performances so that you can get the most out of each and every training session.

Pre-Event Assessment

Salus Wellcare Physician Assessment

Are you interested in competing in an event but want to make sure your body is ready? Schedule an appointment with a Salus Wellcare integrative physician today.

Day 1

Salus Hydrate Balance Infusion

Start out by correcting deficiencies and bringing your body up-to-speed with everything that it will need for your overall health with a Salus Hydrate Balance Infusion.


Salus Hydrate Peak Performance Infusion

Before you start your first training session and then weekly thereafter you will receive a Salus Hydrate Peak Performance infusion.


Post Event

Salus Hydrate Replete Infusion

Every 3-4 weeks and once after your event you will receive a Salus Hydrate Replete IV Infusion to make sure your body can heal gracefully after maximal exertion.